professional football academy, pfa, soccer, exercise science, functional movement screen, fms, performance, soccer technique, soccer training, soccer performance, injury prevention, performance specialist, williamsburg, va, virginia Professional Football Academy utilizes the functional movement screen (fms) to  simplify the concept of movement and its impact on the body.


Establishing this movement baseline should be the first
step in any training program. Attempting to train on a foun-
dation of faulty movement patterns it what Gray Cook has
brilliantly labeled as putting “Fitness on top of Dysfunction”.

Strength, power, agility, and endurance training, are
performance essentials that must be addressed in any
training program, however, not before establishing a
foundation of acceptable fundamental movement. When
we prescribe exercise to an athlete before assessing
their movement quality, we not only diminish the durability
of an athlete, but also hinder their opportunity to maximize
their athletic potential.

We must screen movement patterns before we train them.
Training poor movement patterns reinforces poor quality
and creates greater risk of injury.
- Gray Cook

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Professional Football Academy (PFA) Exercise Science: Integration and Corrective Strategies