professional football academy, pfa, soccer, exercise science, functional movement screen, fms, performance, soccer technique, soccer training, soccer performance, injury prevention, performance specialist, williamsburg, va, virginia The Professional Football Academy exercise science staff is able to identify asymmetry and dysfunctional movement by having a system to accurately evaluate movement in athletes.


PFA recognizes that each player’s movement and physical
attributes are unique to the individual. The foundation of any
fitness program must begin with a valid and reliable assess-
ment of an individual’s fundamental movement. Fortunately
through the brilliant work of Gray Cook, exercise profess-
ionals are now able to accurately identify dysfunctional
movement patterns through a tool known as the Functional
Movement Screen (FMS). The Functional Movement Screen
has been proven by numerous studies that by identifying
limitations in movement patterns and asymmetries from right
to left, the screen can accurately predict an individual’s risk
for injury. The screen provides a baseline to enhance the
way a soccer player moves by allowing for precise and
educated integration of corrective exercise prescription to
increase mobility and motor control that is unique to the
individual. Establishing a baseline for movement through
the use of the Functional Movement System is the pillar
of PFA’s Exercise Science division.

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Professional Football Academy (PFA) Exercise Science: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)